Server Details:
Game Port : 2302
Steam Port: 27016

Survivor Intro

I barely escaped with my life. The crew of the ship, they were slaughtering and feasting on the passengers, like they were cattle! I managed to hide until we were close to shore, then I climbed overboard and swam for my life.

I have no idea whereabouts I am, I just know that things are worse here. If you had told me that the dead can walk, I would have laughed and told you to stop watching horror films, but I have seen them. I have seen the dead kill and eat their prey.

And the mist. The mist that enveloped a group of people and left them, cold and lifeless carcasses on the ground. I do not know what hell I have been delivered to, all I know is that I will have to use what I can find and try to stay alive.

Player feedback
Brian - This server is solid... my 1st life i spawned in and 3 minuets i was surrounded in a house with about 30 zombies outside waiting for me... can only imagine i will need a squad to go to military zones. (Facebook comment).

Ryan - Best server IV been on, PS anyone looking to play this you will need alot of ammo. (Facebook comment).

Mathias - Playing here for over a month now. It's just awesome. We have a dark hoard roaming around the map, that will remember you how scary zombies can be.
It's hard, getting started. Even for experienced players. But it's worth it!